High Frequency Solvers

Choosing the right Antenna design software is an important step in the process of antenna designing. Antenna designers have been always looking for an efficient way to optimize their design. Nowadays, computational electromagnetics has revolutionized the high frequency design industry by introducing high frequency simulators based on the numerical methods like Finite element or finite difference method. HFWorks is an antenna simulation and design software based on finite element method which is a very powerful tool for design and analysis of antennas and any other high frequency components. This antenna design ad simulation software or generally speaking high frequency simulation software is fully embedded inside SolidWorks. 

Using the Antenna analysis, antennas of all types and shapes can readily be simulated. The Antennas module can help study a large number of antenna structures and address numerous far-field and near-field effects.

The S-parameters analysis belongs to the high frequency electromagnetic, or the full wave, regime, i.e. Maxwell's displacement current that couples the electric and magnetic fields is significant and thus taken into consideration.

In the Resonance analysis, we are concerned only with electromagnetic resonance. The vector wave equation, i.e. combination of the full Maxwell's equations, is solved using vector finite element to obtain the natural resonant frequencies and their corresponding electric/magnetic field distributions.